This is Tianrun Qiu (Roderick)


Notable facts

A Chinese student and a tech enthusiast.

Formerly studied in HFLS and now in SUSTech.

Studies Computer Science, and is interested in AI, HCI, visualization and software development.

Being supervised by Prof. Yuxin Ma. GitHub @RoderickQiu.

You can find my résumé using the link.

Art of programming

I can Use:

My Projects:

Some of my projects are listed below.

However, some new projects are commercial or not open-sourced and thus not shown.

These close-sourced practices are mainly linked to my study and work, mainly about industrial AI, frontend and class projects.

Mail me

If you wanna chat, drop me an email to [email protected], or via QQ.

Experience the world

I'm active online experiencing the world.
In case you wanna know me more, visit my GitHub, my Pixabay and my Zhihu.
On most websites, my username is RoderickQiu or r-q.